MineCore Solutions is a mining contracting company established by experts in all areas of the mining industry.  From a diverse background with different cultures our experience in all commodities and in difficult environments we offer excellent services through excellent health and safety to our clients.  MineCore Solutions lead with a potent combination of strategy and character.

About Us


At MineCore Solutions we are committed to providing a safe workplace for our employees and to plan our work responsibly in order to minimise impact to the environment.  Our objective is to provide a “Zero Harm” workplace, through active leadership at all levels of the business, with informed decision-making based around our core values of People First, Exceeding Expectations, Continuous Improvement and the Community.  With this commitment realised, MineCore Solutions will achieve its vision to be number 1 in what we do.

To Achieve This, MineCore Solutions Will:

Build a strong, supportive company cultured based on visible leadership, consultation and engagement with management all employees and contractors.  Expect total commitment by leadership personnel, employees and contractors to our objective of “Zero Harm”.  Implement and monitor safe work practices and continually review related procedures to ensure the approved and current information for safe and effective execution of tasks.  Establish measurable objectives and targets to evaluate whether MineCore Solutions is achieving the safety, health and environmental expectations, requirements and obligations of stakeholders.  Actively support and recognise opportunities for continuous improvement relating to safety, health and environment.


MineCore Solutions is committed to achieving our vision of being number one in what we do.  At MineCore Solutions we shall be an immediately reconisable symbol throughout the industry we work, synonymous with delivering a professional product and service, conducted in a manner consistent with our core values.

To Realise Our Vision, MineCore Solutions Will:

Provide and foster a safe and healthy workplace.  Encourage innovative thinking and solutions through the continuous improvement program, to enhance inefficiencies in

day-to-day operations.  Understand our Clients and work with them to nurture a mutually beneficial long-term relationship Constantly evaluate and assess our effectiveness in the marketplace and how we differentiate ourselves from the competition, to enable MineCore Solutions to target strategic opportunities.

Our Team

Louis Keyser - Engineer Mining & Contracting

About Louis Keyser

Stephan Kriel - Engineer Mining, Construction & Contracting

About Stephan Kriel

Roger Mabotja - Engineer Mine Surveying & Technical

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